Twin towns

Dimitrowgrad is a Bulgarian industrial city with 45 900 inhabitants, established on 10 May 1947. Dimitrowgrad is located in the south of the country, 78 km to the east of Plowdiw. The town is located in the Bulgarian lowlands near the river Mariza. During 1948-50, youth brigades coming from the whole country, amounting to 50,000 people in total, conjured a town up out of nothing. Dimitrowgrad was a new foundation as a model of a socialist city, as for instance Eisenhüttenstadt in the GDR or Komsomolks in the Soviet Union.

Głogów is a Polish town in the Voivodship Lower Silesia. It is located in the western part of the country about 80 km to the northwest of the capital city Wrocław on the river Oder. Glogów was destroyed during World War II almost completely.

Saarlouisisa town in Saarland, administrative centre of the rural district Saarlouis and has about 38,400 inhabitants. It is an administrative, school and trade centre. Economic centre is the automotive industry. The Saar port is called Saarlouis-Dillingen. Since 1986 there has been a partnership with Eisenhuettenstadt; this was the first German/German town twinning.

Is a district town in the Departement Seine-Saint-Denis.  The locality has more than 60 707 inhabitants and the church Saint-Louis is the most important tourist feature.
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