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Eisenhüttenstadt is a town on the river Oder, near the Polish borderline and belongs to the District Oder-Spree. The town is about 25 km to the south of Frankfurt (Oder), 25 km to the north of Guben and 110 km away from Berlin.

The particular charm of Eisenhüttenstadt is between the contradictory contexts of idyll and the activity of an important industry.
It is the only town in Germany founded completely new after the War.

Eisenhüttenstadt is architectural history. Here, complete residential areas of the town are listed as monuments. In the meantime, a large part of them has been modernised.

The foundation of the metallurgical company Eisenhüttenkombinat gave also birth to a new town build up between the old town Fuerstenberg and the village Schönfließ. In 1950 the decision was made to build the Eisenhüttenkombinat Ost (EKO) and a residential town near Fuerstenberg (Oder).
On 18 August 1950, the first blow of an axe was made to start the erection of the planned Eisenhüttenkombinat.

On 1 February 1953, the residential area was separated from Fuerstenberg district and renamed as Stalinstadt on 7 May 1953.
The towns Fuerstenberg and Stalinstadt joined to become the town Eisenhuettenstadt on 13 November 1961. Up to the formation of the District Oder-Spree, Eisenhuettenstadt was an urban municipality as well as a district town of the Eisenhuettenstadt district. In 1993, the village Diehlo was suburbanised.
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